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Javascript, also known as JS, is a scripting/programming language that is primarily used in the inner workings of a webpage. When you press a button or click a link, it uses Javascript!Modern Javascript is combined with other tools known as HTML and CSS for webpages. Furthermore, runtime environments such as NodeJS allow Javascript to be taken to the next level and complete more complex automation tasks and server implementations.

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Are you interested in creating simple websites to help convey your message or web apps to make your life easier? Consider learning about Javascript because it is a strong introductory language into the world of programming.

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This course can be conducted either online or in-person. You can choose which format when signing up.

In-person events will be held at a local library in Glen Allen, VA. Online lessons are held in Zoom, an online meeting and video call platform. For security purposes, a link and directions on how to join are distributed after signup.

Computer Science

Javascript & NodeJS

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    Online or In-person Class

  • Recommended age11-18 yo

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